Top 10 Best Sectional Sofas of 2022 that should Cover Your AtoZ Furniture Decor ideas

This article guides you through an epic selection of Sectional Sofas at Asghar Furniture: Online Furniture Store. We offer curated furniture products ranging from AtoZ furniture designs including all types of sectional sofas for your living room.

Many of us spend a decent amount of time within our livingrooms. Those of us who prefer to hang out and spend most of our time in the living room are well aware of the fact about how a beautifully crafted sectional sofa can enhance our daily lifestyle experience within our homes. We at Asghar Furniture are experts in identifying the right choice of sectional sofa for the right people and would love to share these great insights we’ve gathered over an extended period of success within our industry.

Our experienced in-house specialist team individually handpicked these from the entire AtoZ furniture collection in our Online Furniture Store, through a systematic process of testing and research to bring you these fancy and functional Sectional Sofa recommendations. Let’s get to it then!

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10. Evan L-Shaped Sectional Sofa – A go-to choice for Apartment owners and people wanting a seating solution for a compact space

A go-to choice for Apartment owners and people wanting a seating solution for a compact space. Sectional sofa in Dubai at Asghar furniture: Online Furniture Store. This compact and efficient sectional sofa is designed by us at Asghar furniture to bring about the perfect lounging experience for apartment owners or homes where a touch of elegance is required to uplift a grey area in your home that requires a compact design. 

Allowing space for 3 people at a time where one of them gets lucky to be on the chaise lounge end of the sofa! You will definitely always enjoy your hangout vibes in your living room

Blue sectional sofa in Dubai at Asghar furniture: Online Furniture Store. The wooden legs accent it stylishly making it an ideal choice for Modern and Contemporary furniture fashion style lovers. There are several options to choose from in terms of upholstery and the types of fabrics available to go with it. The main factor that enabled this sectional sofa to make it to our top 10 is the efficient functionality it provides without adding any bulky-ness to the look of your living room.

9. Prato Upholstered L Shaped Sectional – Perfect choice to create a stylish living room furniture fashion statement

A classic design by Asghar Furniture this upholstered sectional sofa creates a royal vintage vibe in your living room. Very sophisticated in its design it is elegant and certainly does not hold back with its style statement.

Also, available in several different fabric materials that enable it to open the doors of creative development in your homes. Mix and match it with the right accessories to overpower your living room style. It certainly gets the compliment due to its high durability and comfortable experience that the Prato Upholstered L Shaped Sectional Sofa adds to your home.

We decided to add this to our top 10 because of its ability to blend right in with any type of home decor setup. whether it is a fresh new look or an attempt to upgrade your current decor setup.

8. Coby Sofa and Ottoman – A minimalist choice for the admirers of minimalism

The best thing about this elegant design is that its cozy vibes break the “how good is it” meter. This is why this masterpiece by its nature landed a spot on our top 10 best sectional sofas of 2022 out of all the others, and to put it in a few words we’ve got a great collection of sectional sofas so it’s definitely not an easy game to grab a spot in the top 10. 

It’s got a low-profile base that allows it to sit in one spot firmly creating a firm grip. A major factor that allows this to be in one of our top selections in addition to the minimalism is the addition of an Ottoman that comes along with it. 

An all-rounder and functional design – You can easily use it as a multipurpose accessory in your home decor setup, by either using it as an extension for one of the seats turning it into a chaise lounge. Or, use it as a centerpiece to hold your teacups while you catch a vibe with a friend or a loved one.

7. Mauzy Chesterfield Sofa The perfect choice for anyone wanting to imbue a new level of class in their living rooms

This gorgeous sectional sofa had to make it on our top 10, simply because of its sheer class of design. We’ve always loved the chesterfield sofa designs, but our team really outdid themselves with this one. 

It packs a superior durability check and a high-class modern design while still maintaining a little touch, or to put in better words a little hint of classic sophistication with its rolled arms and back.

One of the main things that gave this sectional sofa an edge to be in our top 10 list at Asghar furniture is how simplistically it stands in its place within your homes. its handmade button tufting creates a powerful statement of style. 

Along with the addition of a chaise lounge that edges out of one end. With the choice of so many colors to choose from, if you blend your colors right your home can go from a solid 5 to a 10 out of 10.

6. Modern Modular Sectional Sofa – An efficient design built to blend right in with all types of home decor setups for your living room

We designed this master-class of a sectional sofa at Asghar furniture to bring about an element of efficiency within our homes. It definitely holds a place within our top 10. 

With 2 chaise lounges at each end and an efficient ottoman that is built precisely to fit between these two chaise lounges. Allowing it to morph into a fully functional bed. 

Those late afternoon chill vibes are gonna be on another level. A very creative approach to the usual sectional sofas, If you’ve got a compact apartment or a congested livingroom space this one is specifically for you. 

It adds the style of modern furniture decor to our homes and provides a functional design that covers the need for additional seating space when the time calls for it. and, in those very moments are the best memories of life. So, we believe this sectional sofa is a complete vibe.

” Time to Bring in the Big Guns! or in this case, Sectional Sofas* “

5. Urban Modular Sofa – The definitive choice for people who have frequent hangouts and family gatherings

A natural bestseller from our sectional sofa category in our online furniture store. But, that’s not the reason this makes our top 10 sofas of 2022. The reason the Urban Modular Sofa holds a rank in our top 5 is that it’s got it all. 

A sleek and elegant design the perfect ratio of Comfort to Style. It comes in a 6 seater by default but here’s where its features stand out the seats are wide and heavily padded making them extremely comfortable.

The chaise lounge corner adds another element of competitive advantage to this perfect piece of home furnishing. Like all others, this also comes available with a dynamic range of available fabrics and materials, an option to choose the density of the foam padding and upholstery which is a deciding factor of your experience. 

So, everything is completely in your own hands whether you love a stiff seat or one where you just settle down in its softness.

4. 11-Seater U-shaped – Bigger and badder! For anyone who loves comfort over anything else

That’s right! Bigger is Badder! It’s the perfect design for people who have spacious livingrooms in their homes. This perfect piece of sectional sofa was designed by us to deliver the functionality of a Sectional Sofa yet holds the essence of home decor. 

Boasting a chesterfield built with button tufting its design simply keeps improving with each addon accessory. Not to forget about how durable it is making it an absolute beast

Decorate it with a throw and a lot of pillows and trust us when we say this you won’t need any other home decor pieces for your living room. of course, you can always choose to add them personally. 

But, that’s the beauty of our 11-Seater-U-Shaped Sofa. That’s the reason it is a solid 4 in our top 10 list. With additional benefits, we provide such as customization and personalization options with fabrics and size dimensions your living room will be on a new level.

” Brace yourselves the trinity is out! “

3. 6 Pcs Modular Sectional – A Hybrid Modular Sectional Sofa for those who love rearranging their setup from time to time

The perfect example of efficient design. Our designers really did just let themselves go bonkers in creative thinking with this one. A hybrid in Sectional Sofas, I mean who would’ve ever thought. 

Each piece is individually moveable what makes this sofa one of the trump cards is how easy it is to move around in addition to how comfortable it gets in its experience. The legs are highly durable due to the nature of their design.

When the need be! Adjust it to your requirement, and that’s how simple it is. What more do you ask? It comes with its own ottoman along with how mobile it already is. 

So, that adds the benefit of using the ottoman to create a chaise lounge, whenever the need calls for it. We really were not kidding when we said it’s a hybrid and quite frankly you don’t find such efficiently functioning designs so easily. Hence, Top 3.

2. Creek L-Shape Sectional Sofa – For the admirers of elegance and design

Believe it or not, the Creek L Shaped Sectional Sofa made it to our top 3 solely based on its modern design mixed with the touch of Mid-Century silhouettes along its edges and we just can’t get over how gorgeous it looks. 

The raised legs create an essence of spaciousness in your living room. Yet, the sectional sofa itself is quite spacious, to begin with. For people of contemporary taste, this piece simply is the go-to choice

Apart from its breathtaking built. It does not lack in terms of functionality at all. Let’s look at how the experience of it is we just can’t get enough of how comfortable it is. All you need to do is just sit back and relax. 

Now to put it in simple words this is one of those sofa’s which was built using attention to detail. We did not have to give it dynamic features to stand out. We paid attention to the minor details of its design and it stood out on its own.

1. Delsea Modular Sofa – The King of Sectional Sofas, boasts every feature from AtoZ for sectional sofas

Our top pick of the year for sectional sofas at Asghar Furniture: Online Furniture store. Bringing you a full-featured and functional design boasting everything from AtoZ furniture a sectional sofa should have. 

Each piece is individually moveable to enable a fully adjustable setup. Each individual extension of the Delsea Modular Sofa is built as a wide base adding the benefit of a highly comfortable experience to its seating.

A velvet upholstery on it with lush padding simply takes your breath away. We ensure you once you feel the relaxing sensation of this gorgeous sectional! You will fall in love… It also comes with an ottoman adding another advantage to its arsenal of product features. Basically holding a combined set of features from our top 10 sectional sofas. 

Customize this furniture piece as per your requirements. Choose your fav color, get your custom dimensions and even get it engraved using a laser to imbue your very own personalized emblem.

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