Minimalist Style – Maximize Your Small Space Livingrooms

If you are an apartment owner, Living in Dubai. You already understand the daunting task of creating the perfect living space. That is efficiently organized giving you an ample amount of space to move around your apartment with ease of access to all areas of your homes. Not, that you don’t have it already! This is a matter of efficient placement of efficient designs built to tackle these same issues. If you’ve got a spacious home then you can easily utilize these clever tricks and tips to create an elegant home with minimalist style.

Let’s cover a few basics about the understanding of what the word “Minimalism” stands for. It started off as an Art Movement which later on developed into a full-fledged lifestyle. Gradually developing as a tool that people can look towards to simplify and declutter their surroundings. The direct relation between “We are what we See, Hear, Read, & Eat” creates a certain sense of freedom from being overwhelmed by material possessions, allows you to eliminate discontent, and let’s you create more while consuming less. 

Many people disregard the concept of Minimalism by looking at these factors as restrictions to their usual lifestyle. We are not here to convince them or you to become a minimalist. We are here to give you the inspirational wisdom of how you can use it to your advantage to create a better home decor style, by showing you the minimalist furniture products that you can choose to mix and match that produce a minimalist style.


Minimalism starts with one thing simplicity and a compact approach to design. It carries a unique aspect, to put it in perspective let’s use the word “lightweight”, as a metaphor of course!

When we say, lightweight we are talking about the aesthetics of it and not the actual weight of the product.

We can also notice how the finish of the sofa is elegant and simplistic with smooth edges and an overall lack of anything flashy you could say. This is the beauty of the minimalist style.

Aeron Superior Minimalist Sofa is specifically designed to match the standards of minimalist style. Bringing value to your compact living space.

" Take simplicity to an extreme, and it becomes the ultimate sophistication "


Assemble this gorgeous set-piece into the confined space of your living room, and create an elegant yet minimalistic seating solution. Boasting a very mid-century style designed by Asghar Furniture.

Make it a corner set up for arranged seating against the wall or keep it as the eye-candy of your room by keeping it right in the middle of all that is happening. 

With its premium built that features tall legs and upholstery that is lushly padded to make sure that the level of comfort experienced upon use stands in line with the very fabulous french looks it beholds.

French Premium Armless Chair, can also be fully customized to match the Home Decor theme you’re going after.


Our Wall-Mounted Media Console is heavy on the minimalist style. As it requires very little to No space requirements while it is fitted onto your wall. Boasting spacious storage and a class apart TV Cabinet.

Given its design by Asghar Furniture. We bring you this absolute beast of a built available in several colors and materials as well as the option to be customized upon personal request.

What’s so special about this Wall-Mounted Media Console is its functionality. Allowing you to use it for multipurpose home decor. Fit it out to use it as a console table if you’re not such a big fan of watching TV. You can even place multiple of these in a row to create a storage space that screams modern minimalist style.

" Less is More Minimalistic! "


Less is more! That’s the beauty of minimalistic home decor styling. You create everything from the very least or something that at least makes it look like the very least.

Our Nova Upholstered Loveseat is a prime selection for anybody looking to create a minimalistic style. With the option to fully customize it within its size aspects as well as its upholstery. Asghar Furniture specializes in Home Furniture Customization, and with that features a full range of fabric colors and materials you can choose from. 

The idea is to create a living space that allows you the complete functionality of a regular living space but with fewer resources.


Here is another perfect example of a piece of furniture that can be used to create a minimalistic style home furniture decor setup.

Featuring a clever design highly considered to be modern and contemporary. Open Shelf Coffee Table presents you spacious interiors embedded within its design for your books, decor accessories, or anything that floats your boat! We just wanted to say this out loud!! It fits doesn’t it… 

Moving on… Add such designs to your minimalistic style that offer more than just design. Designs that offer efficient functionality. Taking up less space yet providing full functionality or even more in some cases and designs. Minimalism is the new trend! 

Well, now that we have set up the tone of how to look for the right furniture and How to Maximize A Small Livingroom Space with Minimalist Style in 5 Simple Steps. We’ve gathered a few livingroom pictures with compact spaces to show you what your living room could look like if you choose the right set of home furniture pieces regardless of it being about the living room or your bedroom. Luckily for you, we’ve got an awesome customization service. Bring us your designs and we will build it for you!! 

You’re all set to go! Now go get your minimalistic-style living room setup. Our Online Furniture Store has a full range of minimalistic furniture for you to live your life to the fullest.

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