Here’s a List of our Best-Selling Sofas & Why They’re so Popular!

Introduction: Think of an addition to your home furniture that instantly stands out when you buy it.

Yes, it could be a chest of drawers or a new lamp that you got to change the ambiance of your room, but perhaps if you dig deeper, you realize this is something you can’t do without.

Let’s all agree that the sofa is the ultimate furniture king.

An archetypal living room is incomplete without a sofa; a cramped bedroom is not a cozy retreat without a lovely, comfortable sofa. Chairs may serve a similar purpose, but we all know that sofas are the ultimate comfort kings, inviting us to relax and unwind.

You can transform an entire room just by the sofa set you choose.

ke some pieces of furniture hold the power to transform your space, the sofa is one such room-changing object of design. We know how sofas make us feel and behave, and who doesn’t love a lovely sofa to sit on while they binge on Netflix and eat?

For a new homeowner, the couch or a sofa set is not just a piece of furniture but a symbol of tranquility.

It’s a commitment to comfort, restfulness, and calm—a physical declaration of downtime and, sometimes, even nap time! It’s the first thing that welcomes your home and the last thing you sink into at the end of the day, creating a deep emotional connection. Go through our range of sofa sets online and see which ones tickle your fancy.

Sectional Sofa Delsea Modular Sofa
Urban Modular Sofa
Opal L Shape Sofa
Apollo Sectional Sofa
  Our popular sectional sofas include Delsea, Urban, Opal, and Apollo.

1. Delsea Modular Sofa

The Delsea has soft, plush seating and back cushions, offering the warmth and coziness you crave after a long summer’s day! This modular sofa has an ottoman, allowing you to arrange it in L or U-shaped configurations. If you need an extra bed, it easily converts into one for the night. The Delsea modular sofa comes in six pieces and is available in black, beige, blue, brown, and grey.

2. Urban Modular Sofa

The Urban Modular sofa has sharp lines and sweeping curves, making it the perfectly stylish, inviting statement in your living room. With plenty of space for the entire family, this corner sofa will be the hero of your space—whether it’s the drawing or the living room. It has an espresso leg finish and is available in beige, grey, navy blue, and red.

3. Opal L-shaped Sofa

The Opal subtly defines elegance and is built with premium MDF wood and upholstery padded with fine foam to bring you that ‘extra’ comfort. This one will uplift your entire space and blend well with any theme or aesthetic. The Opal L-shaped sofa comes in three pieces and is available in light grey, dark grey, and green.

4. Apollo Sectional Sofa

This Apollo sectional sofa redefines sophistication with its elegant chaise and opulent U-shaped design. It has been crafted from premium linen and combines the charm and practicality of U-shaped and sectional sofas. It has four pieces, and the color options include light grey, dark grey, and green. You can even customize the size and color options of this one for that extra edge.

They complement other pieces of furniture.

You can use throws, pillows, cushions, coffee tables, ottomans, and many other pieces of furniture on and around sofas to create the vibe you need.

A contemporary sofa doesn’t feel complete without patterned, decorative, single-shaded, luxurious cushions. Some people use cozy throws positioned differently to add an elegant, stylish touch to their sofa. These little extras look great because of the sofa set and add a personal touch to your place.

A sofa is the centerpiece of your living space.

The sofa is not just a piece of furniture; it’s the centerpiece of your living space. It pulls the other furniture around it into a cohesive group, creating a sense of unity and harmony. It’s a versatile piece that can be a cozy spot for a movie night, a comfortable seat for a family gathering, or a relaxing corner for a quiet read.

Discover the most popular, trending sofas available at Asghar Furniture – keeping affordability and quality in check while at that.

Sofa SetAlvis Flared Arm Sofa
Nelson Sofa
Delight Channel Sofa
Caleb Five-Seater Sofa Set

Our popular sofa sets include Alvis, Nelson, Delight, and Caleb.

1. Alvis Flared Arm Sofa

Bring an upgraded sense of style to your living room with our Alvis Flared Arm Sofa. This sofa features a clean and modern look with upscale button tufting. It is fully accented with tufts and has a comfortable seat and backrest. The Alvis comes with a solid wood base and is available in beige, blue, and maroon.

2. Nelson 3-Seater Sofa Set

The Nelson 3-seater is elegant, casual, and comfortable—all in one. Its clean lines allow it to survive all sorts of new trends and give great competition to its contemporary counterparts. This traditional sofa with a loose back, deep seat depth, and cushions is ideal for comfortable lounging, especially while having intimate conversations or watching movies on a Sunday night.

3. Delight Channel Sofa

Introduce the flowing lines of our Delight Channel Sofa into your living room, and experience the difference in your social conversations! This one is perfect for your living room, bedroom, and office décor. We’ve put a retro twist on its classical tufting, so this sofa has a rich, vertical channel tuft that adds visual depth and glam deco style to any space. It’s upholstered in stain-resistant performance velvet and has a solid wood base. The Delight is available in light grey, navy blue, and black.

4. Caleb 5-Seater Sofa

This modern 5-seater sofa brings contemporary elegance to your living space, with the fabric’s texture detailing adding charm. The semi-soft seating adds the right amount of personal support for your back and neck, and the solid wood base provides glamour and durability. The Caleb is available in beige, grey, and blue.

Sofas add style and character to your room.

It’s usually the most significant piece of furniture in a space; if it isn’t, you must upgrade your space! This simple furniture shapes our daily routines, offers us comfort and support when needed, and hosts our most intimate conversations between family, friends, and partners.

Yes, the sofa has experienced it all and is now a part of your history! It contributes hugely to your aesthetic and sets the tone for the room’s overall style – whether the dining, living, or bedroom.

They complement other pieces of furniture.

You can use throws, pillows, cushions, coffee tables, ottomans, and many other pieces of furniture on and around sofas to create the vibe you need.

A contemporary sofa doesn’t feel complete without patterned, decorative, single-shaded, luxurious cushions. Some people use cozy throws positioned differently to add an elegant, stylish touch to their sofa. These little extras look great because of the sofa set and add a personal touch to your place.

Chaise LoungeCaleb Chaise Lounge
Luna Chaise Lounge
Arik Chaise Lounge

Our popular Chaises include the Caleb, Luna, and Arik.

1. Caleb Chaise Lounge:

Our Caleb Chaise Lounge is perfect for leaning back and relaxing while you grab your favorite read of the week – or functions as a bed space for a snooze! This popular addition to your home would make an excellent option for rounding out your ensemble with a chic, contemporary touch. The base is solid wood and available in beige, grey, and blue.

2. Luna Chaise Lounge

The Luna Chaise lounge has an 8-way tie-down method seat construction, providing stability and strength to the frames of its furniture. Its polyfoam cushions are wrapped in Dacron for durability; fabric swatches are also available. The material is solid wood, and it comes in sea green, grey, and black.

3. Arik Chaise Lounge

It’s time to lend your seating ensemble a chic, sophisticated touch with this addition – the Arik Chaise Lounge. The Arik strikes an updated Victorian silhouette with one rolled arm, a wavy backrest, and four flared tapered square legs. Luxurious velvet upholstery is accented by corded edges for that custom touch – while our plush foam padding offers luxurious comfort. It’s made from solid wood and comes in grey, beige, and black.

They’re versatile and fully functional.

Have you ever had a daybed and heard about a storage sofa? Sofa cum beds became popular a long time back, especially for homeowners with smaller houses and tinier rooms.

This versatility adds a special message to the sofa conversation: ‘You need me; you can’t do without me.’ You can choose from all these custom-made options now available for sofas at Asghar Furniture; we have daybeds, modular sofas, L-shaped sofas—and all the other kinds trending in Dubai 2024.

DaybedTufted nailhead Chesterfield Daybed with Trundle
Floro Modern Daybed
Quel Contemporary Daybed
Parkson Modern Daybed

Our popular daybeds include Tufted Nail Head Chesterfield, Floro Modern, Quel Contemporary, and Parkson Modern Daybed.

1. Tufted Nailhead Chesterfield Daybed with Trundle

This fashionable daybed from Asghar Furniture gives you the extra space you need – especially for housing guests or hosting large gatherings. It provides a durable, sturdy seating option for day-to-day use, and the neutral colors complement any décor in the area. The Nailhead detailing keeps this daybed looking fashionable and functional, possibly for years. The materials used in these daybeds are MDF, plywood, and foam, and they come in beige, grey, dark grey, and black colors.

2. Floro Modern Daybed

The Floro Modern daybed captures the spirit and popularity of upholstered beds in a space-saving package. It features curved and notched corners with corded interior trim across the back and side panels, making it look classy and expensive. It’s made using MDF, plywood, and foam and is available in beige, grey, and white.

3. Quel Contemporary Daybed

Add a touch of contemporary style to your home with the Quel, using faux leather upholstery that comes in to blend with pre-existing room décor. Its sleek form with handsome lines and angles perfectly complements traditional and modern interiors. The Quel is made with MDF, plywood, foam, and fabric and comes in shades of brown, white, cherry, and grey.

4. Parkson Modern Daybed

The Parkson is covered in soft linen fabric and features swooping arms. It is a good option for extra seating space during the daytime. It works its charm at night and transforms into a guest bed for two. The Parkson modern daybed comes in beige and grey and is made with MDF, plywood, foam, and fabric.

It’s the focal point in a room, influencing layout.

The placement of a sofa affects the space in your room and dictates where people usually sit, eat, or spend the most time. The television screens in rooms are placed according to the placement of sofas, and even the bed has to be placed in unison with the couch—depending on its size.

Accompanying tables such as coffee tables, side tables, and lighting – all complement the sofa’s placement. Perhaps the bigger question is: Should your sofa be against the wall or free-floating within the room? The answer lies in the size of the area; against the wall, it gives an intimate, protected feel, while a floating setup will define an open space and show more fluidity.

LoveseatCooper Velvet Loveseat
Armless 2-Seater Sofa
Nova Upholstered Loveseat

 Our popular loveseats include Cooper Velvet, Armless 2-Seater, and the Nova Upholstered loveseat.

1. Cooper Velvet Loveseat

The Cooper is classic but a little updated simultaneously! It has smooth curves, velvet upholstery, round cushioning, and brass legs, making it a truly standout piece. It has a solid wood base and shades of blue, pink, gold, and sea green.

2. Armless 2-Seater Sofa

This sofa saves space in your living room while also helping you accommodate family and friends in a social setting. This premium sofa is made using the plushest fabric you can imagine, staying gentle to your skin and helping you find the comfort you need. It has a solid wood base and shades of yellow, red, and blue.

3. Nova Upholstered Loveseat

The Nova is a great addition to any home and is truly one of our best-sellers. This loveseat has a slightly curved back to help provide extra comfort, especially for those with a sedentary lifestyle and backache issues. The material used is solid wood, and it comes in the colors yellow, red, blue, and grey.

Their colors, textures & shapes can be fully customized.

Today, the style of your sofa can be fully edited – with pieces available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. You can even modify the color according to the ambiance of your particular room – whether it’s the drawing or the living area.

The modern sofa today is an expression of individuality – with the same base design that is now adaptable to a range of different sofa shapes such as the L-shaped sofa, U-shaped sofa, sofa cum beds, storage sofas, daybeds, two-seaters, loveseats and what not. They offer limitless possibilities today, coordinating their looks with the interior aesthetics of your home.

Sofas are the official symbol for ‘chilling’ in a room!

We all naturally gravitate towards sofas because they represent comfort and socializing. They hold significance within your home as the official place to chill. A sofa is one of the most essential pieces of furniture for well-being, providing a place for serenity and rejuvenation.

Discover our entire sofa collection here:

The Bottom Line

As an investment piece of furniture, the sofa is a statement about your taste and aesthetic vision, so choose it carefully. It’s a bold statement – whether it’s timeless elegance or contemporary. At Asghar Furniture, we have designer sets of sofas, personalized and customized sofas with laser engravings according to your needs, loveseats, daybeds, and all the other types mentioned previously. We know you want a piece that adds a personal fusion to your home, so we create interior representations of your ideas and start from scratch. With our personalized consultations, we will dedicate ourselves to focusing on your vision. We will create something that leaves you spellbound because our clients’ needs are always at the forefront for us.

Is the sofa the most crucial seat in the house? We think YES!

What did you think about our popular sofa sets? To contact us, leave a message in the comment section below or email us at

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