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Customization is a very dynamic aspect of any given product within any given industry. It adds a lot of sentimental value to our product. This is kind of a universal law that can be associated with several different topics. However, When it comes to home decor furnishing, customization adds an additional key valuable element, We are all very familiar with this element. Let’s dive a little deeper to take a look at what this element is and how it is directly correlated with our Online Furniture Store.

Our services at Asghar Furniture: Online Furniture Store are developed and designed with three fundamental pillars of foundation in mind. It is important for you as our beloved reader and consumer to understand these key values and principles, because, we believe they enable us to connect deeper with our consumers. Allowing us to be more than just a furniture store. What are these three fundamental pillars you ask? let’s look at what these three important factors are, shall we?

These three pillars of foundation ensure that we as an online furniture store and as a furniture manufacturer are able to dynamically merge the two sides of a business to bring improvement to your homes with our furniture brand.

However, as we are here to fulfill our responsibility of delivering customized furniture products for your Bedroom, Livingroom & Office.

Currently our furniture store holds a vast collection of furniture that accommodates a collection of all style types in all categories that fall under Home when it comes to furniture. Each product is made to order with up to 50+ variations taking the threshold to a staggering 6,500+ home furnishing choices. and these are numbers generated only for the colors and style we have selected to be default.

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With all of our furniture being made to order. We are capable of customizing all aspects of your furniture design. Do not hesitate to drop us a message for any customization queries.

By now we must’ve painted a good picture about the possibilities of customizable furniture designs that are available in our online furniture store. Choose your product from any of the three main categories that are then divided into further subcategories to cover the different aspects of your custom home furnishings. Office furniture is also available but more in-terms of modern design that can be functional within home and office.

Endless possibilities for customized home furniture right at the tips of your fingers in dubai.

600+ Furniture Products
6500+ Furniture Variations
200+ Fabrics & Materials
Customized Furniture Designs

Bring us your own designs, and we will bring them to life for you!

Bring us your favorite designs, we can produce any of your furniture designs as long as they fall under our scope – which is customized furniture built using Solid wood and MDF material. If you do require a custom design, make sure you have pictures of said custom furniture design as well as any related specifications you would prefer your customized furniture to have.

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